Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm. & Binn.

  • Family : MIMOSACEAE
    (Pea Or Bean Family)
  • Family (Hindi name) : BABOOL FAMILY (बबूल फैमिली)
  • Family (as per The APG System III) : Leguminosae
  • Subfamily : Mimosoideae
  • Synonym(s) : Adenanthera pavonina var. microsperma (Teijsm. & Binn.) I.C.Nielsen; Adenanthera tamarindifolia Pierre
  • Species Name (as per The IPNI) : Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm. & Binn.
  • Common name : Bead Tree, Peacock Tree
  • Vernacular name :
    • Kenderi (Assamese)
  • Habit : Tree
  • Habitat : Valleys, along streams, forests, cultivated in gardens; sea level to 1000 m.
  • Key identification features : Trees, deciduous, 5-20 m tall. Branchlets puberulent. Peti­ole and rachis puberulent; pinnae 3-5 pairs; leaflets 4-7 pairs, with short petiolules, alternate, oblong or ovate, 2.5-3.5 × 1.5-2.5 cm, both surfaces puberulent, both ends rounded-obtuse. Racemes simple, axillary or arranged in panicles at apices of branchlets, puberulent. Flowers white or yellow, small, fragrant, shortly pedicellate. Calyx less than 1 mm, together with pedicel golden yellow puberulent. Petals oblong, 2.5-3.5 mm, usually glabrous but occasionally puberulent toward apex, slightly con­nate at base.The seed pods split open to reveal the bright red seeds which give it the common name bead tree
  • Flower, Fruit : July-October
  • Distribution :
    • Uttarakhand : Nainital district
  • Native : Andaman Is., Borneo, Cambodia, China South-Central, China Southeast, Hainan, Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, Myanmar, Nicobar Is., Sumatera, Taiwan, Vietnam
  • Exotic/Native : Native
  • Literature :
    • Photographs of Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh
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  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Deepak Kumar (2024). India Flora Online. microsperma. Downloaded on 21 June 2024.

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