Astragalus tibetanus Benth. ex Bunge

  • Family : FABACEAE
    (Pea Or Bean Family)
  • Family (Hindi name) : PALASH FAMILY (पलाश फैमिली)
  • Family (as per The APG System III) : Leguminosae
  • Subfamily : Faboideae
  • Synonym(s) : Astragalus narynensis Freyn; Astragalus olufsenii Freyn; Astragalus talievii Širj.; Astragalus tibetanus f. jachschivolensis Rassulova; Astragalus tibetanus f. sarytagensis Rassulova; Tragacantha tibetana (Benth. ex Bunge) Kuntze
  • Species Name (as per The IPNI) : Astragalus tibetanus Benth. ex Bunge
  • Habit : Herb
  • Habitat : Steppes and open scrub, from the mountain zone
  • Key identification features : Plants 4-35 cm tall, covered with hairs 0.2-0.5 mm. Stems 2-20 cm, loosely covered with appressed to ascending or even spreading white and partly also black hairs. Legumes with a stipe 2-4 mm, narrowly ellipsoid, 10-15 mm, ca. 3 mm high and wide, obtusely keeled ventrally, widely and deeply grooved dorsally, with a beak 1-2 mm, 2-locular; valves rather densely covered with appressed to spreading mostly pre­dominantly black hairs.
  • Distribution :
    • Jammu and Kashmir : Kashmir
  • Native : India, Afghanistan, Altay, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tadzhikistan, Tuva, Uzbekistan, West Himalaya, Xinjiang
  • Exotic/Native : Native
  • Literature :
    • Photographs of Dr. M Sanjappa
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  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Deepak Kumar (2024). India Flora Online. tibetanus. Downloaded on 17 June 2024.

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