Rotala khaleeliana Sunil, Ratheesh & Nandakumar

  • Family : LYTHRACEAE
    (Loose-Strife Family)
  • Family (Hindi name) : MEHNDI FAMILY (मेंहंदी फैमिली)
  • Family (as per The APG System III) : Lythraceae
  • Species Name (as per The IPNI) : Not found in Plant list
  • Habit : Aquatic herb
  • Habitat : Lateritic hills
  • Comments / notes : The species is having restricted distribution in lateritic plateau of north-eastern part of Kannur district, Kerala and the habitat is prone to mining, land conversion, and grazing
  • Key identification features : Quadrangular stem, dimorphic leaves, linear- subulate calyx appendages 2 times longer than the calyx lobes, minute petals with trilobed apex, stamens inserted at the base of the calyx tube, slightly trilobed ovary and papillose seeds with a distinct depression.
  • Distribution :
    • Kerala : Kannur district
  • Native : India
  • Exotic/Native : Native
  • Endemism : Southern Western Ghats
  • World Distribution : India
  • Conservation Status : NE
  • Literature :
    • Sunil C.N, M.K. Ratheesh Narayanan, M.K. Nandakumar, Jayesh P. Joseph, V. Abdul Jaleel & N. Anil Kumar (2013). Rotala khaleeliana sp. nov. (Lythraceae), a new species from lateritic hills of Kannur, Kerala, India. International Journal of Advanced Research, Volume 1, Issue 2, 14-16
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  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Deepak Kumar (2024). India Flora Online. khaleeliana. Downloaded on 22 June 2024.

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