Welcome to Herbarium JCB


The Center for Ecological Sciences (CES), Indian Institute of Science houses a herbarium of a fairly large number of specimens of native and naturalized plants collected by many taxonomists and researchers. This herbarium is recognized internationally by the acronym ‘JCB’. The collection consists of more than 16,000 specimens, from vascular plants to lichens. It is richest with plants from the state of Karnataka. Recent efforts have added further collection from the states of Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

One important research activity in the herbarium has been to generate and organize vast amounts of information on the floral wealth of different regions of the country and then package it to suit the requirements of an online information system.

Further to launching the Digital Flora of Karnataka database, the herbarium team has embarked on a broad regional study towards developing an online plant information system for Peninsular India.

Towards this goal, the team has made taxonomically important collection of vascular plants from this region that serves as a very important repository of flora. The 'Flora of Peninsular India' emerges as the only online information system for the vascular plants of Peninsular India with up-to-date taxonomic notes and phytogeographic information.