Eastern Ghats

The Eastern Ghats are a discontinuous range of mountains that run in a north-south alignment more or less east of the Deccan plateau and pass through Odisha state in the north and Telangana-Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu state in the south, traversing some parts of Karnataka state, namely, Bellary, Kolar and Chamarajnagar districts. They are older than the Western Ghats, and have a complex geological history related to the assembly and breakup of the ancient supercontinent of Rodinia and the assembly of the Gondwana supercontinent. At their southern end, the Eastern Ghats form several ranges of low hills, the southernmost of which are the Sirumalai, Alaghar and Karanthamalai Hills. The central part of the Eastern Ghats consists of two parallel ranges running approximately north-south, parallel to the Coromandel Coast for close to 430 km between the Krishna and Pennar rivers. These are the lower Velikonda Range to the east and the higher Palakonda-Lankamallai-Nallamallai Ranges to the west. The average elevation is about 520 m which reaches 1100 m at Bhairani Konda and 1048 m at Gundla Brahmeswaram.......Read More


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